ace all stars birmingham alabama tribe cheer usasf summit varsity all star cheerleading worldsBIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA – ACE All Stars have been a staple in the all star cheerleading industry since nearly the beginning.  Growing over the last two decades into one of the largest programs in the world, the program with 12 locations in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, provides quality instruction steeped in a classic wholesome styled experience.  We visited the program for their start of season showcase dubbed “Meet the Tribe” on November 4th in Birmingham, Alabama.  Here our some of our highlights from the program’s event.

ACE All Stars World Championship History

  • 2009 Bronze Medalist – Large Senior Limited Coed 5
  • 2010 Silver Medalist – Large Senior Limited Coed 5
  • 2011 Gold Medalist – Large Senior Limited Coed 5

Memorable Moments & Performances

ACE All Stars – Warriors

ACE Warriors look to create the magic that the program has experienced with their most storied team.  Having won Bronze, Silver, and Gold consecutively between 2009 & 2011, the Warriors are cornerstone of the Senior Large Coed 5 division.  Every year the team builds momentum and collects fans as they manage to hit cleanly defying expectations, a true underdog mantra.

ACE Allstars – Braves

The Braves from ACE Birmingham have steadily been creating a name for themselves over the last two seasons.  The start to 2018/2019 at Meet the Tribe only adds to the suspicion that they will again be one of the strongest Levels 1-4 teams from the ACE All Stars program.


ACE Allstars – Warhawks

Competing in the Senior All Girl 3 division, from Dothan, AL the Warhawks.  The team showcased visual transitional elements and strong/stable body positions from flyers at the event.

ACE Allstars – Chicksaws

One of the most prepared Youth teams at the event in terms of difficulty coupled with execution.  The Chicksaws from ACE All Stars in Birmingham, Alabama are one of the staple long running teams at the Alabama based gym.

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