baby nora lacf gestational surrogacy cheerleading miracleBATON ROUGE, LA  –  The true uniqueness and power of the cheerleading industry was put on full display this summer in Baton Rouge, LA.  Louisiana CheerForce owner, Rachael Pearson & husband Kevin, have officially put an end to a decade long struggle with fertility, welcoming baby Nora in July. IMG_5143What started with a joyous Facebook post by Pearson in the Spring of 2019, would soon lead us to learn the true story of selfless compassion of people brought together through cheerleading.

A decade long quest to motherhood..

Pearson, who describes her decade long journey to become a mother as a difficult one, endured five egg retrieval procedures, eight embryo transfers, and several false positives on the road to current-day.  Sadly, even in 2013 the couple achieved a viable pregnancy of a split embryo (making of identical twins), even after seeing the heartbeats at six-weeks the pregnancy did not progress to term.  Pearson attributes the strength to continue on her emotional journey to her loving family, friends, and family at Louisiana CheerForce all who encouraged her to continue pursuing her lifetime goal of motherhood.

Pearson shared the story of Casey, her first gestational carrier who dedicated five years of her life on an emotional roller coaster through the fertility process.  In 2017, when the state of Louisiana introduced new fertility laws, Pearson was left to find another (yes, a second) gestational carrier.

Not one, but two..

Throughout her journey of fertility treatments, Pearson says “I have had two loving, sweet girls who have tried to carry these babies for me!”  With the changes to fertility laws in 2017, Pearsons’ path was led to Kay Schenk a close personal friend and coach at Louisiana CheerForce.  Schenk, immediately said “YES!” baby nora surrogacy cheerleading miracle lacf louisiana cheerforce Setting the Pearson family, the Schenk family, and much of the close-knit program on one final  emotional roller coaster, all while they viewed the finish line just months ahead.  A now forty-year old Pearson knew the odds were stacked against her, but attributes the rest of her story to fate and god.  After a successful embryo transfer in October of 2018, followed with above normal check-ups for Baby Pearson each week, tt was finally happening.  It (Baby Pearson) was happening because of self-less love of friends brought together through cheerleading.

Coach Kay Schenk successfully delivered  Baby Nora in July 2019.  While Schenk has delivered multiple wins at some of cheerleading’s most elite competitions, nothing would compare to the championship win that she delivered to Pearson this summer. baby nora surrogacy cheerleading miracle lacf louisiana cheerforce Schenk shared on her personal Facebook shortly after delivery,

“Have you ever witnessed a miracle? I have!  I have felt a miracle move and grow in my belly for nine-months, and I have seen a beautiful promise fulfilled by our God. I have learned the power of: keep on asking, keep on seeking, and keep on knocking!  I have watched a friend go through years of heartbreak, pick herself up over and over – and try for her rainbow baby.  I have never witnessed a more powerful testimony of faith before in my life, and I was blessed enough to take part in this one.  Rachael believed, prayed, persevered, and now she and Kevin finally have their baby girl in their arms!

It has been an absolute honor to carry this sweet angel for them, and I will always treasure the whole experience.  From the first look at that perfect embryo to this (yet another) nature delivery!  So happy to meet you Nora, you are one loved little girl!”

baby nora surrogacy cheerleading miracle lacf louisiana cheerforceWelcome Baby Nora your existence is a truly attributed to the power of selfless and unyielding love between friends in the cheerleading industry.

Follow the Louisiana CheerForce All Stars & Baby Nora through the 2019/2020 season here!



The Pearson’ story is only one of many miracles that occur in our industry everyday.  Do you have a story that our readers would enjoy?  Contact us!