brandon all stars allstars cheerleading usasf cheer worlds varsity summit championships d2summitTAMPA, FLORIDA –

Memorable Moments & Highlights:

Brandon Allstars – Senior Black

Brandon Senior Black means business this season!  The team shocked the industry with an extremely polished, skilled, and different routine for the multi-time world champions from Tampa, FL.  Brandon Senior Black clearly has been working hard and aspires to get back on top the world in 2019!

Brandon Allstars – Senior Pink

Brandon Senior Pink made the switch to Senior Small All Girl 5 in 2017/2018, and it is truly a great division for them.  The team’s debut on November 11th, has them looking even stronger than they ended last season.  Brandon Allstars clearly has two top 10 contenders on their hands already!

Brandon Allstars – Fire

Fire is hot, literally! The Junior 5 team from Brandon Allstars was met with much anticipation as the program entered into the division.  Fans were not disappointed as the team borrows elements that connect them to Brandon Senior Black!  The team showcased well, and are setup for a strong competitive season in a new division!

Brandon Allstars – Shade

One of the nicest Restricted 5 pyramids we’ve seen thus far this season in terms of completion, and execution.  Shade the Senior Restricted Coed 5 team from Brandon Allstars has clearly put in an incredible amount of conditioning work to be able to execute at this level this late in the routine.

Brandon Allstars – Mint

Synchronization was the name of the game for Mint.  The Junior 2 team from Brandon Allstars’ Orlando, FL location star

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