pacific coast magic cheerleading california usasf cheerleading worlds allstars all stars summit varsity d2 summitCORONA, CALIFORNIA – We visited California’s Pacific Coast Magic in Corona, CA over the weekend!  A program with a strong history on the Worlds and Summit stage, debuted their new routines for the 2018/2019 season!  A highlight included the return of Mysterious, who will compete in the Senior Extra Small Coed 5 division this upcoming season!

Memorable Moments & Highlights:

Pacific Coast Magic – Mysterious

The 2018/2019 season marks the return of Mysterious, the program’s Senior Coed 5 Worlds Team!  New this season, Mysterious re-emerges as a lean, but skilled roster entering into the Senior Extra Small Coed 5 division!  The team joins a quickly filling and talented line-up in the division recently released from it’s protected and limited status.

Pacific Coast Magic – Fearless

Entering into the Senior 4.2 division this season, Fearless is one of the more storied teams from the California based program.  The team’s debut showcased the strong attention timing and synchronization of skills as illustrated in standing tumbling skills highlighted below.

Pacific Coast Magic – Crush

A strong pyramid debuted from Crush – the Junior 3 Small team from Pacific Coast Magic was put on display at the PCM Showcase!


Learn more about the Pacific Coast Magic program online.



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