cao elite cheerleading atlanta allstars all star varsity d2 summit championship usasf cheerleading worldsATLANTA, GEORGIA – CAO Elite located just south of Atlanta was the only D2 Summit program to take multiple teams to the event in 2018, and leave with a perfect winning record.  Being known for strong technique and innovative building sections, the program has become an integral part of the Atlanta cheerleading scene.  We visited the gym at their 2018 Showcase “A Night with the Stars” on November 11th – see some of our highlight moments below.

Memorable Moments & Highlights:

CAO Elite – Reign

The program’s reigning back-to-back D2 Summit Champions attribute much of their success to the fact that most of the roster has been together since age 4.  Now pushing their personal limits, and successfully meeting goals the team looks ahead to what the future holds including Level 5 aspirations.

CAO Elite – TLC

One of the newest additions to the Atlanta based CAO Elite Program, TLC in Junior 1, is comprised of 98% new athletes.  The team is one of the most competition ready in the program, attributed to their hunger for to be a part of a winning team.

CAO Elite – En Vogue

The Senior 4 team, En Vogue, from CAO Elite has only one Senior and one Junior this season.  Coaches add the team is poised for success, because they’re one of the only teams in the program’s history to come through tryouts with competition ready skills.

Learn more about the CAO Elite program online.



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