cheer central suns denver colorado cheerleading cheer usasf worlds summit varsity all starDENVER, COLORADO – With three locations in Colorado and one in New Mexico, the Cheer Central Suns are amongst the largest programs west of Texas.  We joined the Cheer Central Suns for their annual showcase The Awakening on Sunday, November 4th.  A program known for its class, talent, and innovation kicked off the season with one of their strongest debuts of all time.

Memorable Moments & Performances

Cheer Central Suns – Lady Suns

The return of Lady Suns to the Cheer Central Suns lineup of teams was met with much anticipation over the summer when it was announced they would return.  At The Awakening showcase on Sunday, November 4th the team did not disappoint in the strongest world’s debut from the Denver, CO based program.  The Lady Suns move to Senior Extra Small All Girl 5 division marking their return to the stage in several seasons!

Cheer Central Suns – Dazzle

One of the highlights of the entire day in Denver was Dazzle, the Small Youth 3 team from the program’s Englewood, CO location.  The team returns after a 1 year hiatus during the 2017/2018 season, previously they have won both The Summit and NCA All Star Nationals in the division.

Cheer Central Suns – Dawn

Also from the Englewood, CO location Dawn the location’s Senior Small Level 2 performed some the most visual and innovative level 2 building transitional skills that we’ve seen to date.

Cheer Central Suns – Glimmer

New to the Cheer Central Suns family last season, the program’s For Collins location has stepped up the quality and experience in their second season as Suns.  Glimmer in Small Youth 1 easily stood out as one of our favorite Level 1 routines of The Awakening 2018!

Cheer Central Suns – Shade

From the program’s New Mexico gym, Shade in Senior Small All Girl 4, hands down had one of the strongest performances of the day.  The growth in the talent and quality of skills at New Mexico was clearly evident at The Awakening showcase held on November 4th in Denver, CO!

Cheer Central Suns – Helios

In an ode to tradition, Helios the Senior Medium Coed 3 team from Englewood, CO, incorporated Cheer Central Suns staple flags into their routine for the new season!

Cheer Central Suns – Lady Rays

Having found success in Senior Small All Girl 4, the team enters into the highly competitive Senior Medium All Girl 4 division this season.  Perfection and performance were the name of their game, with clear opportunities for upgrades Lady Rays will clearly be a contender in their new division this season.

Cheer Central Suns – Golden Girls

After winning The Summit in 2018, the Golden Girls from Cheer Central Suns move from Senior 4.2 to International Open 4.  Working hard over the summer, it is clear that the team is poised to take a shot at repeating history, only in a different division at the 2019 Summit Championships held in May.

Cheer Central Suns – Supernovas

One of the strongest Cheer Abilities teams in the country hails from Cheer Central Suns in Denver, CO.  Uniquely to Supernovas, and a few others.. the team performs their routine with zero assistance.  Having competed at The Cheerleading Worlds in 2019, the team has set its sights on representing The United States of America at the ICU Cheerleading Worlds in 2019!

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