cheer sport sharks canada cheerleading usasf world champions cheer ontario great whitesONTARIO, CANADA – The Cheer Sport Sharks have steadily crept into the hearts and earned the adoration of cheerleading fans across the country. The gym is home to the world renowned Great White Sharks, the all-girl powerhouse multi-World Champion team from the Cambridge location.  Annually, the industry waits in anticipation to see what exactly our friends from the north have been creating and training to not only wow the industry, but push the evolution of skills beyond what is currently being performed.  The Chompdown Showcase held on November 3 puts on display that the program is not one team, but instead one of the largest programs in the world with athletes across all levels.

Cheer Sport Sharks World Championship History

  • 2007 Silver Medalist – International All Girl 5
  • 2009 Bronze Medalist – International All Girl 5
  • 2012 Silver Medalist – International All Girl 5
  • 2013 Bronze Medalist – International All Girl 5
  • 2014 Gold Medalist – International All Girl 5
  • 2015 Gold Medalist – International All Girl 5
  • 2016 Bronze Medalist – International All Girl 5
  • 2017 Silver Medalist – International All Girl 5
  • 2018 Gold Medalist – International All Girl 5

Memorable Moments & Performances

Cheer Sport Sharks – Great White Sharks

The queens of International All Girl 5 and current leaders of stunt innovation have done it again!  In the days leading up to their annual Chomp Down showcase, the team released a first look at exactly what they had created for this season’s building section.  The back-walkover double up immediately went viral, and calls of “Back to Back World Champions in 2019” began to rebound around the cheerleading community.  The Great White Sharks have continued to push not only their building skills, but their tumbling and choreography as well.  Clearly the showcase routine performed had skills watered down, and it’s clear that Head Coach Ali Moffatt knows that endurance is going to be the name of the game to put it all together when the time is right.

Cheer Sport Sharks – Grey Reef Sharks

The Grey Reef Sharks from Cheer Sport Sharks in Cambridge, Ontario hit at the Chomp Down Showcase on November 3rd!  The team clearly has been working hard, and has focused earning a globe in 2019.  If the team is successful, it will mark the first globe for the program won by another team besides the International All Girl 5 powerhouse, Great White Sharks.

Cheer Sport Sharks – Queensland Sharks

The talent and skill at Cheer Sport Sharks is not only limited to Worlds eligible teams.  One of our highlights of the Chomp Down showcase on November 3rd came in the form of a Senior 5 Restricted routine from the Queensland Sharks!



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