nfinity fashion cheer cheerleading uniforms varsity rebel athletic usasf cheerleading worlds atlanta cheersport nca nationals ucaATLANTA, GA – Quietly on Christmas Eve, Nfinity, entered the cheerleading uniform business.   Nfinity, in their latest addition unveiled the most technologically advanced uniform in cheerleading.  CEO Tate Chalk, has a reputation of never backing from a challenge, while continuing to explore and utilize technology advancements. The addition of the company’s “cheerleading uniforms of the future” proves a continued commitment to women’s sports.

Nfinity Edge | Cheerleading Uniforms of the Future

  • Boost Blood Flow
  • Stimulate Muscle Recovery
  • Maximize Endurance

nfinity rebel athletic rebelathletic varsity fashion varsityfashion vasf usasf allstar all star cheer cheerleadingTwo years in development, Nfinity’s newest product release takes on the apparel that cheerleading athletes wear.  Grace Chalk, Executive Creative Director for Nfinity says “The uniforms reflect both visible and infrared (heat), back to the body, shortening the wavelength and making it more easily absorbed by the athlete.”  The technology is most similar to that of a foil emergency blanket, designed to reflect heat back to its generator.  The intake of converted energy aides in improving blood-flow and blood oxygen levels, “meaning the body transports oxygen throughout the body quicker, and that translates to greater endurance during performance” adds Chalk.  An increased blood flow and higher oxygen levels during a game or workout is known to help muscles and joints combat stiffness and soreness post game (routine).

In evaluating the endurance enhancing properties of the new Edge series of Nfinity cheerleading uniforms, Chalk tells us “the nutrients and oxygen being delivered faster to your muscles allows you to push yourself a little harder, workout a little longer, or run a little further.”

The garments have the ability to be customized utilizing dye-sub technology.  With multiple separate panels, the options for customization will still enable customers to retain a custom-branded look.  When pressed on the ability to customize the shape, Chalk reminded us “the more coverage the better, so for now there will be little modifying to the stock shapes that will be available at launch.”  Nfinity remains focused on delivering their product within the quoted time frames, with a plan to introduce more stock practice wear and base layers that can be worn under an athlete’s current uniform.

Pageantry vs. Technology, is cheerleading ready?

With a focus on decreasing wasted energy,  Nfinity set out to design a uniform to give athletes the competitive “Edge” from warmups through post game (routine) recovery.  While their product is different looking, it is purposely different in its construction.  For the first time the utilization of smart fabrics designed to support and enhance an athlete’s performance have been introduced.

Annually, cheerleading evolves and the expectation in innovation of stunts and tumbling becomes more demanding.  Is the industry ready to deviate from the pageantry of present day uniforms?  Future trends will reveal how we want our sport to be perceived.

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