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UNITED STATES – Annually, cheerUPDATES catapults the industry back into the season by visiting gyms throughout the country and Canada debuting the industry’s top teams to the world.  This  fall, the cheerUPDATES team will travel over 100,000 miles, criss crossing the country in less than sixty-five days, as we  push the season into gear with over two dozen visits planned.

cheerUPDATES Official Showcase Tour & Gym Visits

October 2019

October 5  Stars Vipers | San Antonio, TX

October 13  The Stingray Allstars | Marietta, GA

October 22  FAME All Stars | Richmond, VA

October 26  Champion Cheer | Dallas, TX

October 27  Cheer Extreme | Winston Salem, NC

October 27  Cheer Athletics | Dallas, TX

October 27  ICE All Stars | Lafayette, IN

October 27  Twist & Shout All Stars | Oklahoma City, OK

October 27   The California All Stars | Irvine, CA

November 2019

November 3  Cheer Central Suns | Denver, CO

November 3  ACE All Stars | Birmingham, AL

November 3  Cheer Sport Sharks | Toronto, Canada

November 3  Woodlands Elite | Houston, TX

November 9  Rain Athletics | Pittsburgh, PA

November 9  Zero Gravity Athletics | Gulf Breeze, FL

November 10  Prodigy All Stars | Houston, TX

November 10  Louisiana Cheer Force | Baton Rouge, LA

November 16  Tristate Athletics | New Castle, DE

November 16  Rockstar Cheer | Jacksonville, FL

November 17  Top Gun All Stars | Fort Lauderdale, FL*

November 17   Brandon All Stars | Tampa, FL

November 17  Spirit of Texas | Coppell, TX

November 18  Cheer Savannah | Savannah, GA

November 23  World Cup All Stars | Brick, NJ

November 24  X Evolution (CEA) | Raleigh, NC


December 2019

December 7 Maryland Twisters | Sterling, VA

December 8  East Celebrity Elite | Providence, RI

December 8  Maryland Twisters | Hanover, MD

December 17  Platinum Athletics  |  Long Island, NY*

Check back to often for more information, and new dates as they are added regularly.