There is a common misconception that “EVERYONE GETS A BID” to the D2 Summit. cheerUPDATES did the math, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised and honored how hard it really is to get a bid to the 2018 D2 Summit, let alone win the 2018 D2 Summit!


A total of 1,241 D2 SUMMIT BIDS were awarded during the 2017-2018 cheer season. Of those bids, the following wild card, at large, and full paid bids were awarded:


Approximately 12,000 teams competed for 1,241 bids at Varsity competitions throughout the 2017-2018 cheer season. Therefore, only 10.3% of teams were talented enough to earn a bid to the D2 Summit!

In the Wild Card Round of the D2 Summit, only 1st and 2nd place will move forward to Finals and 3rd place will move to Semi-Finals (large divisions will add more) from the 22 divisions in the Wild Card Round. Only 8.4% of the Wild Card teams will advance to Sunday’s Finals and only 4.3% of the Wild Card Teams will advance to Saturday’s Semi-Final round.

And in Semi-Finals, only the top 5-14 teams will advance to Finals on Sunday at the D2 Summit (based on the size of your division). Your chances of moving to Finals on average is 38.1%.

And if you reach the peak, and become a D2 Summit Champion, the average odds of winning your division among your fellow competitors at the D2 Summit are only 2.7%!!

But when you go back to the beginning when approximately 12,000 teams competed for a D2 Summit Bid, YOUR ODDS OF WINNING THE D2 SUMMIT ARE ONLY 0.26%!!!

The D2 Summit is hosted annually by Varsity All Star, at Disney’s Walt Disney World Resort.

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