east celebrity elite ece m5 c5 bombsehlls usasf cheerlading cheer worlds championships varsity all star allstars allstar summit d2summitBOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – The East Celebrity Elite, a northeast knockout, program celebrates 10 Years of Excellence in cheerleading!  Now with gyms in Tewksbury, MA, Hingham, MA, Central, MA, Londonderry, NH, Oakdale, CT, and East Windsor, CT the program trains over 800 competitive cheerleading athletes.  We visited the East Celebrity Elite program, and were quickly treated to a program that across ALL levels were extremely prepared for their annual ECE Showcase event.  From Levels Mini 1, through Levels Senior 4.2, and into Level 5 the program is poised to have a knockout season of success.

Memorable Moments & Highlights:

East Celebrity Elite – Bombshells

The 2017-2018 season did not end on the high note that the East Celebrity Elite Bombshells had hoped.  The Senior Medium All Girl 5 powerhouse from Tewksbury, MA finished 6th at the 2018 Cheerleading World Championships after winning the event in 2017.  The Bombshells returned to Massachusetts and set to work immediately to avenge last years result.  From the incredible tumbling skills, and their signature copious amount of standing-fulls, the Bombshells appeared to be highly conditioned, executing their routine with ease.

East Celebrity Elite – Bombsquad

The original East Celebrity Elite World Champions, in 2015, the Bombsquad in Senior Medium Coed 5 have not looked this strong since that golden year.  The Bombsquad debuted at the ECE Showcase with a new type of fire behind every tumbling pass or stunt.  The Level 5 talent pool at East Celebrity Elite runs extremely deep as the program successfully fields what will be a competitive Coed and All Girl Worlds team, in addition to their competitive Junior 5 and Restricted 5 teams.

East Celebrity Elite – Fame

Fame from the program’s Oakdale, CT location has slowly been a rising star in the Senior Small Coed 5 division.  They’ve faced an uphill battle of a deeply talented division, but 2018/2019 will likely be the year that they bust into the scene among the front-runners of the division.  Fame’s showcase performance was executed with such ease and mastery of skills, it will clearly put them in position of success going into competition season.

East Celebrity Elite – Black Diamonds

From Hingham, MA (now in season three), the Black Diamonds are a first year worlds team who stood out as one of our largest surprises of the event.  Clearly the team (competing in Senior Small All Girl 5), has an incredible skill-set with obvious upgrades waiting to be added, but the level of building creativity and performance value was one that we see from veteran worlds teams.

East Celebrity Elite – JWOW

JWow moves from Small Junior 5 to Large Junior 5 for the 2018/2019 season, and WOW is right!  East Celebrity Elite produces some of the most elite Level 5 athletes in the world, and many of them are not even on a Worlds Team.  An incredible debut for JWOW at the ECE Showcase, the large division looks good on the hard-hitting and extremely skilled team!

East Celebrity Elite – Rebels

With so many talented Level 5 teams it’s easy to get stuck on that track! However, the Rebels from Tewksbury in the Senior Medium 4.2 division were hands-down one of the most impressive teams of the weekend.  The team presents very traditional skills, but the fluidity of the sections made it extremely easy to watch and appreciate.

East Celebrity Elite – Cherry Bombs

Rarely do we feature Mini 1 teams, but we couldn’t go without noticing the Cherry Bombs from ECE Tewksbury.  For a team comprised of athletes 8 and under, to show such mastery and knowledge of the routine this early in the season can only be attributed to regimented training sessions with a program that clearly takes cheerleading serious from the on-set of an athletes experience through the highest levels of competition.

East Celebrity Elite – J3MS

Slowly but surely the Hingham, MA location of East Celebrity Elite has made their mark on the Boston suburb.  The South Shore of Boston has found a new sense of quality being instilled in the athletes that train at this location.  The J3MS – Medium Junior 3 Team from this location also stood out as one of our favorite performances from the event.


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