Cambridge, Ontario –   Cheer Sport Sharks, the Canadian based mega gym with locations in Cambridge, Milton, Ancaster, and Ottawa is home to the world renowned Great White Sharks.  The International All Girl Level 5 team is celebrated throughout their home country of Canada, in the United States, and beyond.

After a shocking final performance at the 2017 World Championships, with a less than perfect routine, the team finished with a silver medal to fellow Canadians, Flyers All Starz of Quebec.  The team and their coaches reflect back on last year, while looking forward to how they have prepared for this years World Championship event.

Co-Owner of the program and team head coach Ali Moffatt reflecting back on last year, “In that moment, it led to a lot of disappointment and a lot of heartache. Morale for the team, was affected coming off of that final performance. The team just expected to go out and do what they knew they could do.”  Moffatt described the team as in a “state of shock”.  

The team, the coaches, and the industry did not expect an error from the seasoned team, but cheerleading proves itself to be impossible to anticipate or predict.  The two-time World Champions like any team of their caliber left the World Championship disappointed.  Moffatt adds of Flyers All Starz Knockout, “they were great, they had a great finals run, and they deserved their win.”

The positive that emerged from the disappointing weekend in Orlando, Moffatt says, “going into the event many of my veterans were ready to hang up their shoes, and move on in their lives.”  Because of the final result of the 2017 event, Moffatt adds “I had so many kids ready to cheer again, they wanted to win again!”

Discussing the team’s preparations for this season, and the 2018 World Championships Moffatt says “preparations, and expectations remain unchanged.”  Often after a devastating defeat athletes, and coaches do some soul searching and self evaluation.  Sometimes taking a new direction, and often unnecessarily shifting away from their core. Moffatt describes her goals for the elimination style event as a progressive journey.  She adds, “I love building momentum, and confidence in them as the weekend progresses from round to round.”  However, she continually reminds her team to, “never take any millisecond of your routine for granted.”  She adds, “I remind them this routine is not over until the end of the 2:30, until the final splash in your music.”

Closing our visit with Moffatt, and discussing the culture that she credits so much of the teams success to we learned that at this point, it’s not about skills. Moffatt says, “the skills are just something we do”.  The team begins their season annually with a retreat at an isolated cottage lakeside in Ontario.  Moffatt says, “my veterans have set the tone for what our season will for 2017/2018.”  The sisterhood that has become the Great White Sharks is one that is emulated, and admired world-wide.  She describes the roles of her team veterans of as a pillar of strength, and history under the team’s rookies. “Because it’s their turn to build on, and create the next chapter of the legacy that is Great White Sharks” Moffatt added.

The team has had a successful 2017/2018 season, being undefeated in their home country of Canada, a win at NCA All Star Nationals in Dallas, TX.  Previously, back to back wins in 2014 & 2015 at the World Championship the team is once again on the hunt to reclaim the top spot.  The world will be watching as the Canadian favorites compete against the best teams in the world at The 2018 Cheerleading World Championship held at Disney’s Walt Disney World Resort on April 28-30, 2018.