MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – The IASF (International All Star Federation) headquartered in Memphis, TN serves as the “world wide governing body for sport cheering and dance.”  Previously, the IASF was a part of the USASF (United States All Star Federation) until they became a separate entity in March 2016.  In an evening press release, on October 25, 2018, the organization released their most drastic steps seen to date in an effort to “align the sport with the global community” introduces a Level 7 division for the 2020 Cheerleading World Championships.

“The addition of a Level 7 creates a shift in levels” says, IASF Secretary General, Les Stella.  What the industry currently knows as Level 5 Restricted, moves to be solely called “Level 5”.  What we currently know as “Level 5” becomes Level 6, and what we currently know as “Level 6” becomes Level 7.  The level changes, are among additional rule changes being introduced for divisions governed by the IASF.

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Overall Divisions

IASF Overall Divisions (click here to open)


IASF Worlds Divisions 2020

IASF Worlds Divisions 2020 (click here to open)


IASF 2019/2020 Cheer Rules & Glossary

IASF 2019/2020 Cheer Rules & Glossary (click here to open)


Immediately it became the focus of conversation of “what does this mean for Senior Club Divisions governed by the USASF at The Cheerleading World Championships.  Stella said, “he’s unable to say what they will do in regards to the realignment of levels at the current time”.

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In a October 26 statement, the USASF said the following, “The USASF is reviewing the 2019-2020 cheer rules release from the IASF and understands its need for changes as a global All Star community.  In the months to come, the USASF will be reviewing our rules for the 2019-2020 season with our members, through our Cheer Rules Committee.  We will continue, as always, to keep our members’ needs in the forefront of any changes moving forward and to communicate those, if any, in the months to come.”

Today we’re left with an unclear path to what the 2019/2020 season will hold for the United States All Star Cheerleading market.  The IASF has made clear their intention to recategorize the highest levels of cheerleading to fit their global community.  Questions to ponder while the next step is contemplated:

  1. If the USASF moves to adopt the IASF model, will 2018/2019 be the final season of Restricted 5?
  2. If the USASF moves to adopt the IASF model, will we see a massive shift of Level 5 Restricted teams from The Summit to Worlds?
  3. Who is the global authority governing the sport of cheerleading, and what sub-governing bodies have the ability to stand alone?
  4. What will the World Championship become in terms of size should the USASF adopt the IASF model & send more teams to The Cheerleading Worlds?

Whatever happens, it happens in the 2019/2020 competition season – where IASF introduces the single twisting full only division to be known as “Level 5”.  We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.


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