CHEER EXTREME SENIOR ELITE SSX THE MAJJORS 2019 VARSITY ALL STAR CHEERLEADING ALLSTARS JAMFESTINDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – The MAJORS 2019 did not disappoint! The high intensity head-to-head match up, of most of cheerleading’s most elite teams, played out live on Friday, January 18th, 2019. Among the competitors, over a dozen reigning and former World Champion teams joined by past medalists and up and coming newcomers who have made a mark on their respective divisions. If the results of Friday night’s matchup is any indication of what twenty-nineteen will hold for cheer fans, we are in for an exciting couple of months on the road to The 2019 Cheerleading World Championship!

The MAJORS 2019 outdoes… The MAJORS!

The environment at the Indianapolis Convention Center for The MAJORS 2019, was unparalleled to any other competition.  The intimacy of being so close to the performances, to the high-tech lasers/lighting and pyrotechnics used throughout the show truly set The MAJORS into its own category of event.

Sisters from Cheer Extreme emerge as the dominate victors at The MAJORS 2019!

Cheer Extreme, with an impressive four teams at The MAJORS 2019, racked up three wins at the event.  The North Carolina founded program now with locations in: North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, and Tennessee won in highly contended Senior Large All Girl 5 division, giving the Senior Elite team its first ever MAJORS victory!  The reigning 2018 World Champions, SSX, from the program’s Raleigh, NC continued their predominant reign over the Senior Small All Girl 5 division, and the program took home the first ever Junior 5 title from the event.

Tight Scoring at The MAJORS 2019:

Coming out of the difficulty assessment/practice round on Friday morning – teams across all divisions were nearly deadlocked going into Friday night’s main event.  With some divisions being separated by just .1 point in the difficulty categories, more than ever, it illustrated that on any given day any of these teams can pull out a win!

See just how close the difficulty assessment on these teams is, and good luck trying to predict the outcome of the next match up (nearly impossible)!

majors cheer varsity scores 2019 cheer extreme  majors cheer varsity scores 2019 cheer extreme

majors cheer varsity scores 2019 cheer extrememajors cheer varsity scores 2019 cheer extrememajors cheer varsity scores 2019 cheer extreme majors cheer varsity scores 2019 cheer extreme

See our final recap of rankings, including final scores for all divisions at The MAJORS 2019 here.