INDIANAPOLIS – The world was watching two weeks ago as The MAJORS 2020 captivated cheer fans across the globe!

Like years past, The MAJORS in 2020 sought to outdo any and all competition expectations.  Utilizing “crowd sync” technology (never before used at cheerleading events), The MAJORS production team transformed the arena into a sea of lighted color synchronized to the opening of the show.  Then throughout the show the emersion continued as lights on the 3,000 plus LED bracelets worn by spectators, changed throughout the night to match team performances.

Chad Lemon, Brand Director for The MAJORS, said “the athletes attending had only one complaint in past years, their inability to see the crowd.”  With the implementation of new technology, Lemon and the production team sought to fully immerse both athletes and spectators alike in the competition experience unlike any other.

Final Division Winners, All Girl & Coed Champions, and Grand Champion of The MAJORS 2020

The Sisters are Thirsty Again!

Again this year, the dynamic sister duo from North Carolina’s Cheer Extreme All Stars dominated in their respective all girl divisions. After preliminary difficulty scoring of Large Senior 6 division yielded a deadlocked tie between Cheer Extreme, World Cup, and The Stingray All Stars the stage was set for a showdown Friday night.

During the main event, Senior Elite (Large Senior 6) and SSX (Small Senior 6) delivered flawless performances securing back-to-back MAJOR Championship titles for the teams!

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