ATLANTA, GA – Nfinity Athletic, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, markets cheerleading, basketball, volleyball shoes and apparel particularly for female athletes.  The company is known for combining technology and high-end products to be at the forefront of innovation.  Nfinity announced a complete lineup of competition events, nationwide to be held in the 2019/2020 competition season.

In February 2019, the company announced the high-profile hiring of David Owens as head of events, who promises to deliver an unparalleled competition experience through the incorporation of high-end never utilized technology, elevated customer experience.

Nfinity CEO, Tate Chalk

Nfinity CEO, Tate Chalk “events are more than just the 2 minutes and 30 seconds… it’s all about the experience.”

Nfinity Promised to Deliver the following:
  • Free Spectator Admission at 2 Day Nfinity Events
  • A great experience for athletes, without breaking the bank for parents
  • Consistency in Judging
  • 5 Champion’s League Events with Nfinity Prom
  • 8 Events and 3 New Territories
  • 2 Day & 1 Day Nfinity Events

Learn more about Nfinity Athletic and their competitions division by visiting them online.

Gym Owners and Directors may email to learn more.