HOUSTON, TX  –  People and human interactions resonate at the core of what makes the cheerleading and dance industry so special.  Prodigy All Stars Blacklight, the newly crowned World Champions of International Small Coed 5, took the stage at the USASF World Championship in April 2018 determined to do the impossible. world champs prodigy

The Houston based team were determined to win the World Championship for those who supported them throughout multiple seasons.  The team took the floor with one massively supportive fan on their mind, Blacklight set to begin each routine with the words “Do It For Peggy.”  The team had three opportunities to re-affirm their support as they advanced from the U.S. Trial to Semi-Finals to Final round of the elimination style event.

Against all odds Prodigy All Stars Blacklight, who was not favored to win the event, came out on top capturing the program’s first World Championship title.  The team successfully did it for Peggy, a fan and supporter whose own story of fighting to live paralleled with the team’s fight to achieve the unthinkable.

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Peggy Buffa, who lost her battle with cancer in late May 2018.  Leaving behind two daughters and a legacy of providing added motivation in something so big.  Peggy will be remembered forever as being part of history for the Prodigy All Stars, the program will include #DoItForPeggy on the gym’s first World Championship rings.

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Support Peggy Buffa’s Cancer Care & Medical Expenses https://www.gofundme.com/peggy-buffa039s-cancer-care

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