rain athletics aquaMCKEESPORT, PA  –  Rain Athletics, the Pittsburgh based gym, captured the industry’s attention last season as their Senior Small All Girl 5 completed the impossible feat of a perfect zero deduction year.  The program has seen un-precedented growth reaching their largest size to start season six for the gym.  Rain Athletics brings back crowd favorite Aqua, in addition to adding team Storm competing in the new Open Coed 5 division.

See the complete list of Rain Athletics teams below.

Level 5 Teams:

  • Aqua – Senior Small All Girl 5 (Worlds)
  • Storm – Open Coed 5 (Worlds)
  • Downpour – Junior Large 5 Restricted

Additional Teams:

  • Drizzle – Senior Medium Coed 4
  • Electric – Senior Small 4.2
  • ‘Brellas – Junior Medium 3
  • Weather Girls – Senior International 2
  • Haze – Youth Small 2
  • Mist – Youth Small 1
  • Sky – Limited Travel (Division Undisclosed)

Read about ‘America’s Hit Queens’ Rain Athletics Aqua, and their journey during the 2017/2018 season.

Learn more about Rain Athletics by visiting them online at http://www.rainathletics.com