Level 2 Small Youth

1   Cheeriffic All Stars- Youth

2   TAI- Black ice

3   Premier Cheer- Leopards

4   Green Bay Fusion All Stars- Lady Radiance

5   POWER Rocklin- Lady Popstars

6   Spirit Athletics- Primadonnas

7   Legion of Allstars- White Frost

8   Rah Elite Allstars- Storm

9   Triple Crown Elite- Purple Reign

10  Cheer Empire- Lady Obsession

11  Legends Cheer Academy II- Silver Clubs

12  South Bay Divas- Supremacy


Level 2 Large Youth

1   Savannah Sharks- Angel Shark

2   South Georgia Allstars- Prestige

3   Maine Stars- Caution

4   Perfection All Stars- Pink Passion

5   Cheer Factory- Royal Divas

6   United All Stars- Hiss

7   Washington Elite- ShowStoppers


Level 2 Small Junior

1   POWER Clovis- Lady Prime

2   Davis Allstar Gym In- Fierce Royalty

3   Thunder Extreme- Lightning

4   Twisters All Stars- Rain

5   CheerXperience- Aphrodite

6   California Flyers- X-treme

7   Intensity Elite Cheer- Ignite

8   Wylie Elite- Fierce

9   Ultimate Cheer Lubbock- Supremacy

10  Cen Cal Spirit Elite- Intensity

10  Tiffany’s Cheer and Dance Studio- Pink Royalty

12  Legends Cheer Academy II- Black Diamonds


Level 2 Large Junior

1   Matrix All Stars- Attitude

2   Terre Haute Cheer University- Space Rangers

3   Champs Central- Glow

4   University All Stars- Purple Diamonds

5   Knight Time Cheer- Xplosion

5   Texas Elite- Snipers

7   Northern Lights All Stars- Full Throttle

8   Modern American Cheer- Diamonds Ice

9   Knoxville Twisters- Storm

10  United Elite- Tsunami


Level 2 Small Senior

1   Davis All Star Gym Inc- TKO

2   Idaho Cheer- Emeralds

3   Vision Athletix- Prism

4   South Bay Divas- Royalty

5   Terre Haute Cheer University- Pit Crew

6   Bayou Athletics- Senior Sugarcanes

7   Alpha Athletics- Senior Passion

8   The Champions All Stars- Blaze

9   Quest Athletics- Sergeants

10  Triad Athletics- Magic

11  Revolution Athletics All Stars- Adrenaline

12  Revolution Cheer Company- Punisher


Level 2 Large Senior

1   Cheer Company of Michigan- Wicked

2   Allstar Panthers- Sapphire

3   Sonic Elite All Stars- Boom

4   One Elite All Stars- One Addiction

5   Xtreme Cheer- Passion

6   ICT Cheer Legacy- Fortress

7   Arizona Element Elite- Rose Gold

8   Texas Lonestar Cheer Company- Garnet