california allstars cali cheerleading cheer usasf worlds smoed lady bulletsIRVINE, CALIFORNIA – The California All Stars Showcase puts on display the West Coast’s largest all star program.  With six locations throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona this historically strong gym has racked up 15 World Championship titles, and have earned at least one win at the event in every year for the last decade.

  • 2009 (1) Senior Unlimited Coed 5
  • 2010 (1) International Junior Coed 5
  • 2011 (1) Senior Unlimited Coed 5
  • 2012 (1) Senior Small Coed 5
  • 2013 (4) International All Girl 5, Senior Small Coed 5, Senior Medium Coed 5, Senior Small All Girl 5
  • 2014 (1) Senior Small Coed 5
  • 2015 (1) Senior Small Coed 5
  • 2016 (1) International All Girl 5
  • 2017 (1) Senior Medium Coed 5
  • 2018 (3) Senior Medium Coed 5, Senior Small Coed 5,  International Small Coed 6

To maintain that level of elite level success while racking up Summit Championship wins since the creation of the event, there is clearly something unique about the makeup of The California All Stars program.  The gym’s deep rooted ‘family focus’ is easily instantly on display from the leadership team of the program.  Sisters Tannaz Kirichkow, Neda Emamjomeh, Ranna Garcia, and Jeff McQueen have stewarded this brand of multiple gyms to success, while mirroring and instilling their own values of the importance of a family first experience.

Memorable Moments & Performances

California All Stars SMOED – Camarillo

One of the most decorated teams in the history of cheerleading, with one of the most fanatical fan bases debuted a new routine style for 2018-2019.  From the onset, the racing theme included use of props coupled with the same level of perfection, and difficulty that has led the team to their 5 World Championship titles.  Fans quickly took notice declaring that SMOED is a front-runner for a repeat back-to-back World Championship win in 2019.  See their #CaliShowCAse routine here:

California All Stars Black Ops – Livermore

The defending back-to-back World Champions in Senior Medium Coed debuted their new routine at #CaliShowCAse on October 14th, 2018.  Their relentless grip on the division over the past few seasons is showing little sign of letting up as we enter into the 2018-2019 season.  See their showcase routine here:

California All Stars Reckless – Camarillo

The third 2018 World Championship team from California All Stars debuted one of the most complete and competition ready routines of the event.  Reckless, the 2018 Small International Coed 6 Champions, has picked up right where they left off their win in April.  See their full showcase routine here:

California All Stars Vixens – Mesa

Moving from Medium Senior 5 in the 2017/2018 season, to Extra Small Senior 5 instantly moves Vixens into being a globe contender at the 2019 World Championship.  One of the most shocking skill-sets of the day came from the Vixens out of Mesa, AZ.  See their showcase routine here (yes, there was a male fill in):

California All Stars Sparkle – San Marcos

Sparkle has previously won the Cheerleading World Championship, and in one of the biggest surprises of the day the team debuted at the #CaliShowCAse looking stronger than they ever have for such an early date in the year.  See their full showcase routine here:

California All Stars Ghost Recon – Livermore

If the preview we saw from the International Coed 5 “Ghost Recon” from California All Stars Livermore is any indication of what to expect from them this season, we are in for a good show all year long.  See their routine highlight from #CaliShowCAse here:

California All Stars Blackjacks – Las Vegas

The four-time consecutive Summit Champions have once again set the standard for Level 4 & their division.  Every year the Blackjacks boundaries within their level to deliver a routine with an unbelievable skillset.  See their 2018 showcase routine here:

California All Stars Platinum – Ontario

One of the stand-out Level 1-4 teams from the #CaliShowCAse was Platinum, MEDSR3, from California All Stars Ontario location.  Precision and attention to detail & style were showcased throughout this packed routine.  See their showcase highlight here:

California All Stars Vogue – Mesa

The California All Stars has the largest concentration of Senior Level 1 teams in the world.  Vogue from Mesa, AZ debuted their 2018-2019 routine which showcased the things that are possible when you push the boundaries of the level!  See their routine highlight here:

California All Stars Crystal – Ontario

Defending two-time Summit Champions, Crystal, from California All Stars Ontario was everything that anyone could want in a Level 1 team.  The team shows no slipping on their relentless grip of the division based on their routine from #CaliShowCAse on October 14th.  See their routine from the event here:

Learn more about The California All Stars program at

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