the majors cheer jamfest usasf worlds cheerleadingLOUISVILLE, KY  – JAMFest, a Varsity brand, hosts The MAJORS in Indianapolis, IN the Friday evening preceding JAMFest Cheer Super Nationals every season.  The marquee event dubbed ‘the most selective competition in the world‘ selects and invites the industry’s top teams to showcase in a head-to-head competition.  Brand manager, Chad Lemon, promises that this year’s event will exceed any previous expectation of athletes and spectators.  “Many people assume that The MAJORS is all about highlighting hyper talented teams, but the original concept of the event, and still the driving force behind the event is dedicating a night to celebrate the years of effort and practice that goes into competing at the highest level” says Lemon of the event.

The event is known for selling out in the weeks preceding the event.

This year’s ticket information will become available in October 2018 & with pre-sales for the event beginning in November.

The 2019 event will be held in Indianapolis, IN on January 18, 2019.

The MAJORS 2019 Divisions

Senior Large All Girl 5

Senior Large Coed 5

Senior Medium All Girl 5

Senior Medium Coed 5

Senior Small Coed 5

Senior Small All Girl 5

*NEW FOR 2019* Junior 5 Combined

Senior Large All Girl 5 Invitees

Cheer Athletics – Panthers

Cheer Extreme – Senior Elite

Maryland Twisters – F5

Stingray All Stars – Orange

World Cup – Shooting Stars

Senior Large Coed 5 Invitees

ACE – Warriors

Cheer Athletics – Cheetahs

Cheer Extreme – Coed Elite

Stingray All Stars – Steel

Top Gun – TGLC

Senior Medium All Girl 5 Invitees

East Celebrity Elite – M5

FAME – Super Seniors

Spirit of Texas – A Team

Top Gun – Lady Jags

Senior Medium Coed 5 Invitees

Maryland Twisters – Reign

Spirit of Texas – Royalty

Woodlands Elite – Black Ops

Senior Small All Girl 5 Invitees

Cheer Extreme – SSX

ICE – Lady Lightning

Woodlands Elite – Generals

Senior Small Coed 5 Invitees

Brandon All Stars – Senior Black

Prodigy All Stars – Midnight

Woodlands Elite – Recon

Junior 5 Combined Invitees

A Junior 5 Division is an exciting addition to The MAJORS line-up for the 2019 event.  In speaking with brand manager, Chad Lemon, he said “we wanted to show younger athletes that it is okay to take time to develop your elite level skills, while still be an amazing junior level athlete.”  An important take away in an industry that often gets wrapped up in  racing athletes to Senior/Worlds eligible teams.

Cheer Extreme – Crush

Stingray All Stars – Green

Woodlands Elite – Colonels

Learn more about the teams attending The MAJORS 2019, by visiting their pages online at The MAJORS 2019.