DENVER – Never did we dream life as we know it would be brought to such a dramatic and grinding halt in just a few weeks. The complete disruption of the cheerleading industry and our country by the recent coronavirus outbreak has left all of us wondering what life will be like into the future. A Denver, CO based start-up, began developing a platform in the fall of 2019 aimed at providing a stable and viable option for cheer competitions to take place directly from the practice mat at their home gyms. The vision was to give teams additional opportunities to “match up” against competitors from across the country and world, in a convenient and cost effective way. Ultimately, the CML goal was to give athletes additional competitive opportunities, enhance the effectiveness of practice, and gain valuable judging feedback in the process. The company realized this could all be accomplished from home, and would significantly help teams be even more prepared for their major season events. “ was not developed to replace traditional competitions” says developer Josh Rowzee. “Being able to travel and compete with your teammates in front of a live crowd is amazing, but can be costly and limit which teams you get to compete against.”

Having the ability to compete with teams around the world right from your own gym sounds appealing, but there are challenges to competing by video. “It was very important that we maintain the integrity of a cheer competition,” says Rowzee. “The app is user friendly, and creates important accountability for all teams in a match. There are timing restrictions on how routine videos are recorded and how the judges score them that closely mimic the pressure and dynamics of a traditional competition. The platform creates a complete and verifiable process, that ensures all teams will compete fairly, straight from their practice mat.”

About was developed in close collaboration with gym owners, judges, and top industry leaders to offer a new way for cheer teams to compete against teams outside of their region without the costs associated with travel and on-site competitions. The concept behind remains rooted in increasing competition frequency while reducing costs. Coaches and teams can also gain valuable insight from top judges in the industry. Highlighted Features

     Compete from your Own Gym

Compete against teams out of your region without the need for expensive travel. Video your routine with the Mobile App during your current practice schedule or plan a fun parent viewing event.

     Comprehensive Judges Platform

Your video submissions are automatically uploaded to the Judges Portal and will be scored with industry standard scoring and with parameters that simulate how routines are judged at traditional competitions.

     Watch Live Competition via Social Media

Submissions are compiled into our LIVE Social Media Broadcast.  Coaches, Teams, Friends, and Family can view our scheduled Live Broadcast via Facebook, Vimeo, and Youtube.

     Convenient Five Day Submission

Teams can conveniently film their routines during regularly scheduled practice times, eliminating the need for added coordination.

     Affordable Team Registration

We keep it simple and affordable. We want this to be your “go-to” for preparation throughout the entire season.

     Share with Friends and Family

Watch the final competition live on Facebook or watch it on demand at This will allow for additional exposure for cheer teams in a positive and affordable format.


Each submission into a Match must be recorded locally using the CAPTURE app, eliminating the ability for teams to upload a pre-recorded video, and closely mimicking the pressure of a live event performance. Teams can record 2 submissions, and choose their best for final judging. The judges portal is secure, and even has built in capability for teams to submit a score review request after receiving their scoresheets. The CML platform is designed with the user in mind – so you’ll receive automatic updates about the status of your routine submission, scoresheets, and the final results of your match.

The world around us is changing, and this includes cheerleading.  In life after COVID-19, we will emerge more prepared, and more mindful about the continuous rise in costs associated with participation in all star cheerleading.  Learn more about, and their initiatives to mobilize cheerleading, increase competition, decrease cost and increase viewership of all star cheer.

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