twist & shout showcase worlds summit usasf cheerleadingOKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA – Twist & Shout All Stars, Oklahoma’s stronghold on the all-star cheerleading world, enters into season twenty-two having racked up 13 Medals at The Cheerleading Worlds since its inception in 2004. Program owner, Orson Sykes, has attracted the citizens of Oklahoma, the 28th most populated state in the United States, to the sport by showcasing what can be achieved through teamwork, and what it means to have a passion for something.  The Twist & Shout All Stars, with locations in Edmond, OK, Tulsa, OK, Norman, OK and Muskogee, OK train an excess of 500 cheerleading athletes annually.  The program is upfront about the importance of having ‘faith’ in everything that you do, this key value has been an integral part to the programs success not only within Oklahoma, but nationally and on the “worlds” stage as well.

Twist & Shout History at The Cheerleading World Championships

  • 2005 Bronze Medalist – Senior Small Coed 5
  • 2008 Silver Medalist – Senior Large Limited Coed 5
  • 2009 Silver Medalist – Senior Large Limited Coed 5
  • 2010 Silver Medalist – International Open Coed 6
  • 2010 Bronze Medalist – Senior Large Limited Coed 5
  • 2011 Gold Medalist – Senior Large Limited Coed 5
  • 2012 Gold Medalist – International Open Coed 6
  • 2012 Bronze Medalist – International All Girl 6
  • 2012 Bronze Medalist – Senior Medium Coed 5
  • 2013 Silver Medalist – International All Girl 6
  • 2013 Bronze Medalist – Senior Medium Coed 5
  • 2014 Gold Medalist – Senior Medium Coed 5
  • 2018 Silver Medalist – Senior Small Coed 5

Adapting to an ever changing sport-climate and clientele has been key to keeping the Twist & Shout All Stars at the forefront of competition.  With iconic teams like Obsession and Diamonds, coupled with new standouts from the program, it has been important to not only follow trends, but to become trendsetters.  The Diamonds team from Tulsa, OK over the past seasons has attracted the attention and adoration of fans across the industry for their stand out performance style.  The new season, sees the Diamonds and Obsession move to new divisions where they hope to once again replicate the successes of seasons past.

Memorable Moments & Performances

Twist & Shout Diamonds – Senior Extra Small Coed 5

The team moves from the Senior Small Coed 5 division, where they finished with a silver medal at the 2018 Cheerleading World Championships, to a new division.  The Diamonds now in Senior Extra Small Coed 5 with only 16 members looks to create the magic again going into the 2018-2019 season.  From their iconic themed soundtrack, ‘Diamond: Live in Concert’ to the high-performance valued routine the Diamonds are looking to take it all in the new season.

Twist & Shout Obsession – Senior Extra Small All Girl 5

Obsession, the original staple Worlds Team from Twist & Shout, returns in 2018-2019 in a new division.  Moving from Senior Medium 5 to Senior Extra Small Girl 5 the team who always builds momentum over the course of a season gives us our first glimpse at what 2019 may hold for the Shouter ladies!

Twist & Shout Ivy- Senior Medium Coed 3

The Senior Medium Coed 3, Ivy, from Twist & Shout All Stars have been setup to have an amazing season based on their October 28th showcase.  Strong technique, innovative choreography & building skills will carry the team to success this season.

Twist & Shout Adam & Eve – Senior Open Coed 5

The second worlds eligible team from Tulsa, OK location, and new team to the Twist & Shout program, Adam & Eve, had one of the strongest performances of the event.  The team was a pleasant and prepared surprise, and will be one to watch this coming season in a new division!

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