woodlands elite houston cheerleading cheer usasf summit world champions cheerHOUSTON, TEXAS – Woodlands Elite Cheer Company with locations in Oak Ridge, Katy, Humble, and Magnolia is home to some of the most elite cheerleader in the world.  Across all levels, the Houston-suburb based program fields some the most fiercely competitive teams in the industry.  We traveled to Houston over the weekend for the annual season kick-off immediately the sense of ‘WEresonates as a pillar of what has made the gym successful on the regional and national stage.  The sense that anything is possible when it is done together is instilled from the coaching and management teams cooperation through the athletes on the program’s 40+ Teams.  Across the board, The Woodlands Elite teams from Levels 1-5 were battle ready on November 4th, 2018, for what will surely be a great season for the gym.

Woodlands Elite World Championship History

  • 2009 Bronze Medalist – Senior Small All Girl 5
  • 2012 Bronze Medalist – Senior Medium All Girl 5
  • 2015 Gold Medalist – Senior Small All Girl 5
  • 2016 Silver Medalist – Senior Small All Girl 5
  • 2017 Silver Medalist – Senior Small All Girl 5
  • 2018 Silver Medalist – Senior Small All Girl 5
  • 2018 Silver Medalist – Senior Medium Coed 5

Memorable Moments & Performances

Woodlands Elite – Generals

The team has been on podium at The Cheerleading World Championship every year since 2015, when they won the event.  The Generals in Senior Small All Girl 5 are arguably the strongest tumbling all girl team in the world.  Every year, it seems that only Generals can out do Generals in terms of tumbling skill set, and this year held true to that.

Woodlands Elite – Black Ops

The Black Ops coming off an amazing 2017-2018 season where the team earned its first medal at The Cheerleading World Championship, a bronze in Senior Medium Coed 5.  The team has clearly worked hard over the summer, and have set their sights on outdoing their successes from last season.

Woodlands Elite – Recon

Recon emerges as a serious Senior Small Coed 5 contender at the Woodlands Elite Showcase.  The team has been invited to the invitation only MAJORS Championship in January 2019, and the invitation is 100% warranted after watching them this weekend.  An incredible skill set from both male and female athletes on this season this year.

Woodlands Elite – G.I. Janes

The Janes from Woodlands Elite in Senior Medium All Girl 5 have stepped up their game for the new season.  In a drastic upgrade to quantities and skill set, the G.I. Janes looked poised to be competitive again in a deeply talented division.

Woodlands Elite – Lady Rage

Lady Rage, the program’s newest worlds team enters into the Senior Extra Small All Girl 5 division.  The team fits right into what fans would expect from a Woodlands Elite team.  Strong skill set, easy to watch choreography, and strong technique will carry Lady Rage well into the season.

Woodlands Elite – Colonels

Some of the most talented athletes in the world call Woodlands Elite their cheer “home”.  The Colonels in Small Junior Coed 5 are amongst the most elite junior aged athletes in the world.  A strong debut for a team that has moved from the Large to Small division this year.

Learn more about the Woodlands Elite program at www.woodlandselite.com.



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